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Why Louisiana


Located at the mouth of the Mississippi River, Louisiana has long been a logistical hub and continues to offer unparalleled infrastructure for international trade and foreign direct investment. Its location alone—which offers availability of land with deepwater access—is cause for trade, logistics, and distribution companies to take a closer look at the state. Over the past decade alone, more than $60 billion in foreign direct investment has been invested in Louisiana.

Combined with the state’s extensive transportation systems, skilled workforce, and aggressive incentives, Louisiana is the “gateway to North America.”

Business Cost

Companies in Louisiana benefit from the state’s competitive cost environment, including low taxes, competitive business incentives, and low energy cost. Together, the cost to operate a business in Louisiana, provides businesses with a competitive edge when competing on the global scale.


Louisiana offers unparalleled access to key trade infrastructure, including, six deep draft ports, six Class I railroads, an international airport, and a highly connected interstate system.  What’s more, inland waterways of the United States include over 25,000 miles (40,000km) of navigable waters connected to Louisiana’s port systems.

There are a vast selection of sites and buildings that are development ready. Browse and filter your next ideal location by parish, classification, space size, surrounding transportation, and more on the Sites and Buildings Database.


Louisiana’s diverse and highly-skilled workforce is one of its greatest assets. Home to thousands of workers across dozens of industries, Louisiana residents have the technical expertise necessary to excel in a rapidly evolving economy.

Our state’s robust colleges and universities play a critical role in preparing Louisiana’s workers with the skills necessary to thrive in today’s economy.

Buildings and Sites

In Louisiana, there are a vast selection of sites and buildings that are development ready. These sites range from shovel-ready Certified Sites capable of hosting the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities, to Class-A office buildings. To view a full list of sites and buildings, click here.

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