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Policy Committee

The Policy Committee acts as a sounding board for each of our individual committees. This committee discusses local, regional and national projects and policies impacting international trade policy and determines the level of advocacy needed to address various issues.

Co-Chair: Hon. Edward T. Hayes, Partner, Leake and Andersson, LLP
Co-Chair: Ben Billings, Principal, Sentinel Strategies

International Business Committee

The International Business Committee hosts speakers and reviews and recommends policy positions to strengthen the development of international trade, investment, and related services in Louisiana. The committee actively takes steps to ensure that the business environment in Louisiana is attractive and profitable for potential international investors and organizations.

Co-Chair: Larry Collins, Executive Director, Office of International Commerce, Louisiana Economic Development
Co-Chair: Michael Olivier, CEO, Committee of 100 for Louisiana, Inc.

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee discusses regional transportation and infrastructure initiatives, and recommends and highlights policies and projects that will increase awareness of Louisiana’s multi-modal transportation system, including policies and regulations relevant to Louisiana’s trade economy.

Chair: William “Billy” App, Jr., President & CEO, J.W. Allen & Co., Inc.
Vice-Chair: Kristi App, Vice President, Business Development
Vice-Chair: Robert Barkerding, Former Chairman, Port of New Orleans Board of Commissioners

Agriculture, Specialty Food & Beverage Committee

The Agriculture, Specialty Food & Beverage Committee provides purpose and voice to Louisiana’s food, beverage and agriculture sector. With respect to international trade, this committee aims to enhance Louisiana’s ability to strengthen export/import opportunities for agriculture and food-based businesses.

Chair: Rene Simon, Director, Louisiana Agricultural Finance Authority and Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission, Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry

Energy, Manufacturing & Value-Add Committee

The Energy, Manufacturing and Value-Add Committee recommends policy positions and programs to strengthen development of Louisiana’s energy sector, including existing growth industries such as petro/chem and emerging industries such as LNG. The Committee also engages with manufacturing companies to explore value-add opportunities within the state and region.

Co-Chair: Eric Smith, Tulane Energy Institute
Co-Chair: Jason French, VP of Government and Public Affairs, Tellurian, Inc. | Driftwood LNG