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Compilation of articles/results from Foreign Press Center Foreign Reporting Tour TTIP Journalist Exchange Program

Austria – Hermann Sileitsch-Parzer

We Have a Problem with Agricultural Exports to the EU

[Summary translation by Embassy Vienna] The author cited U.S. Ambassador to the EU Anthony Gardner. He pointed out that the EU exports more food products to the United States than the U.S. to Europe. According to Gardner, this is due to “a problem with market access for U.S. agricultural products in the EU.” Also, “we will not jeopardize our high standards,” a TTIP negotiator from the U.S. emphasized. Ambassador Gardner concurs, suggesting that it would be better for the U.S. and the EU to establish new standards than to leave the field to others: “Either we shape globalization or we will be shaped by others.” Besides, “if the U.S. really wanted to lower all those environmental, health, and security standards,” a common accusation from TTIP critics, “why would TTIP have to pass all the EU’s national parliaments?”

US-Botschafter: “Wir haben ein echtes Problem bei Agrarexporten in die EU”